What’s New AutoCAD 2022


AutoCAD just keeps on giving more and more and the latest release does not disappoint.  AutoCAD 2022 with specialised toolsets does not only improve on the industry specific tools but also on the base AutoCAD which we have come to know and love.

What I have seen as well is that the versions between AutoCAD for PC and MAC are now syncing up more as in previous releases the MAC version would only come out much later.

The first new feature for AutoCAD 2022 is the Trace feature.  As you know AutoCAD has been branching out onto various platforms including android and iOS and Trace allows us to leverage those technologies.  Trace streamlines the process to review processes and generally enhances the collaboration across the various AutoCAD platforms and devices.

With this technology you create markups on your AutoCAD drawing without altering the existing drawing.  Trace is like markup but involves all the drawing features of AutoCAD but in “ghost” form.  This trace is available through the AutoCAD and works extremely well with online collaboration. ie saving your drawing in the cloud.

Another new feature introduced is the Share function.  Share enhances our ability to collaborate with other users directly from within AutoCAD and with the Trace command it really packs some punch for the global designer.

Share also allows you to control what your client or collaborator can access by saying who can edit and who can have view only access.  Shared AutoCAD files are able to be opened by the AutoCAD web app which is very exciting.

As you can see AutoCAD is truly becoming a global CAD software package by letting us access work anywhere , anytime with the power of the internet and cloud.

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