Fusion 360 Platform


Looking at learning how to master Fusion 360?  The CAD system — nay, platform — to transform your everyday  “um that’s a nice CAD model” to “WOW, how do I learn how to do that?!”

At Micrographics we are proud to be able to offer the software, training and expertise to elevate your skills from Noob to professional.

Fusion 360 is the future but it is available now.  Having all of your standard 3D CAD features like sketch, solid modelling, surface modelling, assembly creation and 2D drawing, you don’t really need anything more do you?  Well Fusion 360 has much more to offer.

All inclusive is the ability to create sheet metal components which give you flat patterns for production.  Need to nest those flat patterns? no problem, with the Fusion 360 extensions you can nest to your hearts desire.

Curious to see if your parts will break? With Nastran in Autodesk’s stable, you have the capability of world class simulation right at your fingertips.  You can even do drop tests to see if that new phone you bought will break if you drop it.

Want to impress a client with stunning visuals? Autodesk owns both Maya and 3DS Max, two of the most stunning, complete rendering and animation software packages ever to grace our planet! What does that have to do with Fusion 360? Absolutely nothing, but you can very quickly create good rendered visuals with the online renderer linked to Fusion 360.

So there we have it, many compelling reasons to start your Fusion 360 journey with Micrographics.

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