Revit 2022 Hotfix 1 Breaks Robot Interoperability


I had a huge problem with Revit 2022 and Robot 2022 interoperability. It turns out that the link between Revit 2022 and Robot 2022 is broken when one installs the Revit 2022 Hotfix 1. Autodesk Robot’s ability to input a Revit file is broken.

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The only solution that is suggested online is to uninstall Revit and Robot and then to reinstall, but without installing the Revit 2022 Hotfix 1. I did this, to no avail. I then did a clean uninstall and reinstall for good measure and again did not install the Revit 2022 Hotfix.

Here is the instruction for a clean uninstall of Autodesk software.

It is good to know how to clean out the Windows temporary folder.

This time, Revit would not allow me to collaborate by creating a central file online or on the local area network.

After I installed the Revit 2022 Hotfix 1 and the collaboration worked again.

During this process, I worked closely with Autodesk in a support case, and they were very helpful. It is a problem they are aware of and should be fixed when they bring out the first Hotfix for Robot 2022.

This once again highlights how the prudent course of action for a business is to hold off using that latest version of Autodesk Software (especially when more than one program is used in a process), for at least the first year. Yet at the same time, it also behooves the practice to have a BIM manager not only investigating the competitive advantages of the new versions of the software but where there may be issues of interoperability.

If you need help adopting Autodesk software and BIM, please contact Micrographics so we may be of assistance.

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Revit 2022 Hotfix 1 Breaks Robot Interoperability

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