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Micrographics has been a proud Autodesk Partner for more than 25 years, and we’re one of the few Autodesk Gold partners operating out of South Africa. Our relationship with Autodesk has grown tremendously since the turn of the century—as has our understanding of their software.

Mgfx is an assortment of talent, ranging from account managers and qualified instructors, to software developers and engineers. Often these talents overlap, making for insightful training experiences, as well as comprehensive service delivery with regard to all our Autodesk-related solutions.

We’re more than an Autodesk training company.

We’re full-spectrum CAD specialists and we’re at your service.

Autodesk Gold Partner
Autodesk certified Training at micrographics
Autodesk Authorized training center
Autodesk certified training at MGFX

Example of the certificate of completion

Certificates of Completion

When you complete an Autodesk short course with Mgfx, whether they be in-class, online, or through our e-Tutor program, you’ll be issued a bonafide Completion Certificate from Autodesk.

Use these certificates to:
Support job applications

Show prospective employers you are competent in all the right areas

Claim CPD points

Relevant completion certificates from Mgfx count towards your CPD

Pursue Professional Certification

Chain courses together to work towards Autodesk Certification Exams

We’re Also an Autodesk Certification Centre (ACC)

Often we come across professionals who’d like to become Autodesk Certified beyond achieving Autodesk Completion Certificates.

Mgfx is authorised to issue assessment tests, deliver training, and administer examinations for both Autodesk User Certification and Autodesk Professional Certification.

Achieving either of these qualifications requires anywhere between 400 and 1200 hours of relevant software experience. It is well worth the effort as you’ll gain a significant edge in the international job market and boost your chances at furthering your career.

Become an Autodesk Professional in 4 Steps

Think you have what it takes to be an Autodesk Certified Professional? Autodesk prescribes the following process to earn advanced certification:

Choose the certification you want
Complete an Autodesk Assessment Test
Get the training and practice you need
Take the necessary examination

We don't stop at training. If you want to:

Contact an Mgfx representative today, we’ll make it happen.

Continuing Professional Development

Engineering and architectural professionals registered in South Africa are required to undertake CPD activities in terms of the agreements between local councils, like SACAP, and international governing bodies. The requirement:

1) Ensures professionals remain relevant in evolving fields of expertise

2) Is necessary for the renewal of professional registration

A range of the courses at Mgfx offer a rock-solid education and a number of CPD points to boot.

Take a look at the accompanying table for details about what’s on offer, or speak to an Mgfx representative for more information regarding CPD points.

Course Name

AutoCAD Essentials
AutoCAD Advanced
AutoCAD 3D Modelling
Revit Essentials
Revit Advanced

CPD Credits


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