Inventor Essentials

The Inventor Essentials course provides you with an understanding of the parametric design philosophy using Autodesk Inventor as your design tool.
Course Duration
3 Days
+-7 hrs per day
Start Date
+-08.30 am
Course Location
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Course Price
R 5400
Including VAT

Course Overview


The Inventor Essentials course provides you with an understanding of the parametric design philosophy using Autodesk Inventor as your design tool. You will learn the key skills and knowledge required to design models using Autodesk Inventor, starting with conceptual sketching, through to solid modeling, assembly design, and drawing production.

Features & Benefits

  • This is a recognized Autodesk course and a preparation course for the AutoCAD ACU or ACP exam certification.
  • Take full advantage of our new Hybrid Learning by attending on campus or virtually.
  • Attendees will gain confidence and enhance their practical skills and knowledge in this field.
  • Autodesk Inventor is a 3D mechanical solid modelling design software developed by Autodesk to create 3D digital prototypes.
  • It is used for 3D mechanical design, design communication, tooling creation and product simulation.

Who Should Attend?

Any user wanting to learn the Autodesk Inventor software should attend.


  • Functional understanding of Microsoft Windows

What's Included

Software Trial
Tea & Coffee
Wifi Access
Certified Instructor
*Items may differ between courses, contact an agent for details


On completion of the course, you will be presented with an internationally recognized Autodesk Authorized Training Certificate.

Inventor in a nutshell
  • A brief interactive session to provide a feel for the product’s capability
 Introducing Inventor as a BIM tool
  • What is BIM and what does it mean?
  • The benefits of BIM
  • What will BIM deliver? Industry drivers Introducing Levels of BIM
  • Implications on team and workflow; fee and deliverables; contract and insurance issues
 UI Tour
  • Introduction to the Autodesk Inventor interface
  • Project setup
  • Concept of parametric 3D design
  • Exploring the general workflow of modelling parts
  • Creating detailed drawings
  • Assembly of the parts
  • Detailing the assembly
Parametric Sketching options
  • The principles of creating parameter-driven sketches
  • Creating part features using basic 2D and 3D sketches
  • Using AutoCAD data to create sketches
 Basic Part Modelling
  • The configuration of the general options and settings
  • Tools and techniques involved with the creation of a 3D parametric part
 Reusing parts and Features
  • This module introduces iParts and iFeatures
  • Improving efficiencies through the re-use of already created parts
  • It examines the different workflows involved in reusing parts and features
 Advanced Modelling Techniques
  • This module examines some of the primary tools
  • Workflows used for multi-body part creation
  • Extrusion to complex combinations
  • Features such as curvy modelling techniques using:
  • 2D paths
  • Sweeps
  • Lofts
  • Exploring tolerances, parameters and iProperties.
 Assembly Design Workflows
  • Insight into this key concept of Autodesk Inventor design
  • How assembly relationships using constraints and joint tools are created
  • How to organise designs using structured sub-assemblies
  • Using adaptive components
  • Managing bills of materials
  • How to substitute parts for sub-assemblies
  • Working with assembly design accelerators, generators and designing calculations
 Creating Drawings and Annotations
  • This module introduces the drawing manager
  • Creation of templates and styles
  • Part and assembly drawings
  • Annotation
  • iParts and iAssembly drawings
  • How to share the drawings outside of the workgroup in a variety of formats such as DWF and PDF
 Presentations and Exploded Views
  • Presentation and storyboard tools available
  • How these are used to create exploded views of assemblies
  • Creating animated assembly instructions
  • Repair manuals
  • Part replacement diagrams
  • 3D views and how to publish the animated assemblies as videos or animated DWF files
 Large Assemblies
  • Large assemblies
  • How these are managed and opened quickly using the Express mode tools.
  • Explore the tools, tips, settings and LOD strategies
 Sheet Metal Parts
  • Productivity and capturing manufacturing requirements
  • How to create accurate sheet-metal models and flat patterns
  • How to create documentation and set up sheet-metal styles and templates
 The Frame Generator
  • Frame modelling
  • Member location
  • Member insertion
  • Treatments to frame ends
  • Creating structural frames
  • Publish profiles and Bills of Materials (BOM’s)
 Weldment Design
  • Understanding of parts and assemblies
  • Weldment modelling environment
  • Weldment design and documentation tools
  • Weldment workflows
  • Applying weld preparations
  • Weld beads
  • Welding symbols together
  • Quantify weldment design
  1. Students are to be at the training venue by 08h00 in preparation for a 08h30 start time.
  2. Bookings can only be considered confirmation on receipt of payment.
  3. Bookings may be changed up to three weeks in advance of the course. A fee of 20% will be levied to cover charges.
  4. For full day courses, we will supply you with the relevant training material. A desktop computer to use for the training (where
    applicable) tea/coffee and a full lunch for full day InClass training hosted at the training center only. Catering is not included for OnSite training
  5. Cancellation or rescheduling requests must be in writing and reach us at least 5 (five) working days prior to the course commencement date.
    Full course fees may be retained for no shows or requests within 5 working days prior to commencement.
  6. Although we go to great lengths to ensure that all training proceeds as scheduled, we reserve the right to cancel or postpone\
    dates if we require to do so and undertake to inform clients in writing and telephonically of these changes.
  7. We suggest clients wait until a week prior to course commencement that a course has been confirmed to go ahead as scheduled
    before booking flight and accommodation. We are NOT responsible for cost associated with cancellation of classes such as flight
    and accommodation for clients.
  8. Full training fees will apply if the above condition is not complied with.
  9. Errors and Omissions Excepted.
  10. By accepting the Micrographics terms and conditions, you agree to receiving marketing material from time to time. This may include Mailers, social media references and any other marketing communications employed by MGFX for the distribution of information pertaining to products and/or services supplied by Micrographics SA (Pty) Ltd.
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